Here’s How to Take Care of Sequins

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Photography by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty

It’s all about a light touch.

We’ve seen sequins sprinkled on all kinds of garments this season, but how do you let those little joyful discs shine on? “We have found it best to dry clean sequin pieces in order to preserve their longevity,” says Angela Pastor, co-founder of The Fitzroy, a special occasion rental brand based in Toronto. “Hand or machine washing them in water can cause the individual sequins to discolour over time, or cause them to fall off if they are stitched on.”

That said, ensure your dry cleaner is able to care for your embellished piece properly, as some dry cleaning processes can cause the sequins themselves or glue they are attached with to melt.

If you want to take matters into your own hands, “spot cleaning [at home] works too,” says Pastor. “When possible, turn the garment inside out and use a delicate spot-cleaning detergent.” And be mindful of the type of fabric your sequins are stitched on to, as it will have its own care specifications.